Hebrew Hip-Hop Poetry Slam: Vanessa Hidary

A friend from Florida sent me a link to this YouTube video of Vanessa Hidary, “The Hebrew Mamita.” It is a Def Poetry Jam performance that was originally broadcast on HBO in 2003. The message is powerful.

In a 2003 interview, Ms. Hidary said, “There is a voice missing in the urban setting – the non-apologetic Jewish voice.” She has certainly stepped up and filled the void.

Warning: There is one spoken “F-Bomb” in the performance.
If that bothers you, then please don’t watch the video.

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Bogus Bidder Sabotages Sale of Rabbit and Rat

The late designer Yves Saint Laurent’s collection of art and antiquities, sold by Christie’s Fine Art last week in Paris, brought in more than $484 million, setting a record for the most valuable private collection sold at auction.

Two bronze animal heads, a rabbit and a rat, looted from a summer palace outside Beijing in 1860, were purchase by Mr. Saint Laurent and his partner Pierre Berge from a French gallery many years ago. Cai Mingchao, who runs an auction house in Fujian province in China, offered the winning bid of $36 million for the pair, but has refused to pay. Mr. Cai is an adviser to the National Treasures Fund. It is not known for certain if he acted on his initiative or on behalf of the Chinese government in sabotaging the sale of the figures.

In a telephone interview with The Associated Press from Marrakesh, Morocco, Mr. Berge said, “It’s definitely a maneuver targeting the positions I have taken vis-a-vis human rights in China and Tibet”

Mr. Berge said that if Mr. Cai refuses to pay for the artworks, “I have no problem keeping them.”