No Comment: Bad Paintings of Barack Obama

A new web site called posts unattributed paintings of President Obama without comment. A stately black and white image of Barack Obama has these words scrawled in the background:

I had a dream … This was it.

The online exhibit does not seem to include any images by street artist Shepard Fairey, whose star has risen parallel to the one-time candidate he successfully iconized. (Whether or not any of the ‘badbarack” images were copied from Associated Press photographs is difficult enough to discern so as to render the issue moot.)


One thought on “No Comment: Bad Paintings of Barack Obama

  1. Has any President in history ever acquired so many “names” so fast as does Obama: Messiah; Anointed One; The Kenyan; Chairman Obama; “Liar Liar, Pants On Fire”: Stooge of Pelosi; The Oak of ACORN; The Lobbyist; The Tyro; The Apprentice; Pinocchio; and The Earmarker.

    I understand that a Hollywood supporter has written a one-act play and has asked The Anointed one to take a “cameo” role. It will be titled, “..Amateur Night At The White House.” The Messiah was to star, but the consulted Focus Group reported that they thought Joe Biden a much better choice.

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