Rock the Matzah

Passover or Pesach begins on the 15th day of Jewish month of Nissan in the Diaspora, which this year is the evening of April 8, 2009. It commemorates the Exodus from Egypt and deliverance to freedom after enduring many generations of enslavement. Unleaven bread, or matzah, is eaten for the eight days of the festival. The matzah is symbolic of the Jews’ rush in leaving Egypt. The bread they prepared for their meals did not have time to rise.

To all of my Jewish and Christian friends celebrating with a seder, here is a musical video performed by Michelle Citrin and William Levin, featuring 20 suggestions of things to do with leftover matzah.

Ms. Citrin is a diminuitive performer with a big voice. You can hear more of her music at William Levin is an animator, known as the Jewish Robot.