Andrea Bocelli & Gianluca Ginoble

He is being called “the new Andrea Bocelli,” and if you watch a couple of the performance videos on YouTube of 14-year old singing prodigy Gianluca Ginoble performing in Ti Lascio Una Canzone, you will know why.

The video below shows Andrea Bocelli addressing a very surprised and emotional Gianluca Ginoble. If, like mine, your understanding of Italian is very limited, you can still appreciate the moment.

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2 thoughts on “Andrea Bocelli & Gianluca Ginoble

  1. I literally had chill bumps listening to this young man sing ~ although I did not understand a single word ~ lol. Not to mention…he is beautiful!

  2. I am argentinian .My italian and english are very limited ,but i can tell you that the most important in this video is the advise from Andrea to Gianluca:Think with your head.Singh with your voice,and listen your heart.
    Just wonderful!!

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