Sulkin, Soccer & Cyrus: Let the Games Begin

British actor Gregg Sulkin, 17, is not only the teen-dream boyfriend of superstar Miley Cyrus, aka Hannah Montana; he is also a terrific soccer player. He is in Israel competing in the 2009 Maccabiah Games as a member of the British soccer team.

This is Gregg Sulkin’s second trip to Israel. His first trip to the country was for his bar mitzvah, which was held at the Wailing Wall in Jerusalem. He told the Jerusalem Post, “I love how united Israel is as a country, as a family,” joking that “the weather here is so much better than in London.”

After the games, Mr. Sulkin will go to Los Angeles to pursue acting, his other passion. The young man has appeared on television and in the film Sixty Six, with Helena Bonham Carter. An autobiographical film, it is based on the real-life bar mitzvah of the film’s director Paul Weiland. It is about a boy (played by Gregg Sulkin), about to have his bar mitzvah in London in 1966, against the backdrop of the World Cup finals. That was the year that England hosted the games, achieving their first and only win.

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