Obama Joker Artist Revealed – Part 1

Obama JokerWe now know that the portrait of President Barack Obama painted as the Joker from the Batman film The Dark Night was the handiwork of a 20-year old Chicagoan, Firas Alkhateeb. Mr. Alkhateeb is an American of Palestinian descent, who is a senior at the University of Illinois.

With some free time, boredom and Adobe Photoshop, Mr. Alkhateeb created the Time Magazine cover featuring Obama-as-the-Joker and uploaded it to the photo-sharing website Flickr.

SOCIALISMAn as yet anonymous prankster in the Los Angeles AREA apparently downloaded the photo, removed the distinguishing characteristics of the Time Magazine cover and added the banner label “SOCIALISM” to the bottom of the portrait.

Dozens of the Obama-SOCIALISM posters were plastered around the city of Claremont in Southern California. Police are investigating.

As for Mr. Alkhateeb, apparently he finds President Obama to be too conservative. He told the Los Angeles Times that he did not vote in the 2008 election, but would have supported Dennis Kucinich.

And Mr. Alkhateeb is no fan of the president’s Chief of Staff, Rahm Emanuel. On his Flickr page, Mr. Alkhateeb posted a photograph of Mr. Emanuel labled “EPIC FAIL,” and wrote, “Emanuel is a fervent anti-Islam voice in Washington. A Zionist, he takes a hard line stance against the Palestinian cause, and shows a clear anti-Muslim racism.”


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  1. This is assurance that there are not only white-people who are dissatisfied with the current administration and are afraid to speak out ! Not that it should matter whether one considers this young student white or not……..but what does matter is his clear mention of what he feels is the Presidents inexperience and seemingly ill concern for his families origins and culture. His opinions are based on policies, NOT race and is willing to stick his neck out and make a
    daring statement- Bravo !

    ottovondogbot.wordpress.com (Good Political Cartoons Here !)

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