Dancing with DeLay

In case you missed the Monday night season premiere of ABC’s Dancing with the Stars, former Texas Congressman Tom Delay is back on the scene, and he still has better moves than most of his former colleagues in Washington DC! Watch this video and judge for yourself what that says about the current crop of lawmakers:


Big Hollywood » EXPLOSIVE NEW AUDIO Reveals White House Using NEA to Push Partisan Agenda

Big Hollywood » Blog Archive » EXPLOSIVE NEW AUDIO Reveals White House Using NEA to Push Partisan Agenda

The White House as Creative Director? A Call for Artists to serve and promote the Obama agenda? It’s not enough for the National Endowment of the Arts to fund bad art. It’s new role, coordinated by the White House, is to head up the Department of State Controlled Art. Let the lawyers hash out what laws have been broken and who is directing the cover-up. In the meantime, let’s defund the NEA and demand a refund.

Tina Fey & Homer Simpson Win Emmys

If you are not a fan of NBC comedies 30 Rock or Saturday Night Live, you may not have even heard of Tina Fey until she made a mocking impression of Republican Vice Presidential candidate Governor Sarah Palin in an SNL skit during the 2008 presidential campaign. On September 12, Ms. Fey was awarded the Creative Arts Primetime Emmy for Outstanding Guest Actress In A Comedy Series for her portrayal of Governor Palin in Saturday Night Live • Presidential Bash 2008.

The Creative Arts Primetime Emmy award for Outstanding Voice-Over Performance went to Dan Castellaneta as Homer Simpson in The Simpsons • Father Knows Worst on Fox.

In case it is necessary to state the obvious, Ms. Fey and Mr. Castellaneta were both honored for performances in works of fiction. Do you know how many Obama voters don’t know it was Tina Fey and not Sarah Palin who said “I can see Russia from my house!”? According to a Zogby poll of 512 Obama voters taken from November 13-15, 2008, 86.9 % mistakenly believed it was Sarah Palin who made that comment.

Of those included in the polling sample, 97.1% were high school graduates or higher and 55% were college graduates.


Thousand Hand Bodhisattva (Guan Yin) (千手观音)

A friend from France sent me this fascinating and inspiring video. She has never given me a bum steer, so I took a look before attempting to translate the forwarded message from French into English. It said [and I don’t vouch for the spelling or grammar], in part :

Il y a en Chine une danse extraordinaire qui s’appelle “Guan Yin aux Mille Mains.” Etant donne le degré de coordination requis, l’exécuter parfaitement serait extraordinaire, même si ces danseuses n’étaient pas sourdes.

Oui, vous lisez correctement, les 21 danseuses sont complètement sourdes et muettes.”

The choreographer, Zhang Jigang, holds the rank of Lieutenant General in the Peoples Liberation Army of China.

This dance was performed in 2004 at the closing ceremonies for the 2004 Summer Paralympics in Athens, Greece. That’s right. The Paralympics.

As the email said, all 21 members of the dance troupe are sourd … deaf.