Obama & Christie = Laurel & Hardy? Just Saying….

I don’t mean to trivialize a serious situation, but the images speak for themselves:

Governor Chris Christie & President Obama - Stan Laurel & Oliver Hardy

Christie & Obama – Laurel & Hardy

Governor Chris Christie welcomes President Barack Obama to New Jersey to inspect the damage caused by the killer super-storm Hurricane Sandy.

Obama & Christie - Laurel & Hardy



2 thoughts on “Obama & Christie = Laurel & Hardy? Just Saying….

  1. We just got our power back from Monday afternoon.  One couple, lost their roof.  A flat roof, the rubber rolled right off, looking like a blanket on the front.  He had just had hard wood floors installed, and the rain ruined them.  He had to go to a hotel, and move all his furniture out, and hopefully get a rental here, until the house is repaired. We are lucky, however, because look at New Jersey, and New York.   Only, a short time we will be returning to Florida.  We miss you guys.                    Anna & Tom     

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